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How much do they cost?
The cost of a Mor-Lite single lamp, tandem-wired, T8 fixture with custom designed reflector compares favorably with the cost of a traditional, two-lamp, industrial-grade fixture . . . but the Mor-Lite fixture saves at least half in operating cost.

The cost of Mor-Lite's Tuff-LiteTM enclosed, dust-proof fixture compares favorably with plastic, vapor-proof alternatives. Again, operating cost will be cut in half.

Depending on electricity cost and burn time, Mor-Lite fixtures usually pay for themselves in less than two years, often less.

We will be happy to provide a detailed quote after we design a preliminary lighting layout for your plant.

All pricing includes the design of your lighting system layout and the design and fabrication of the reflectors. Cost of installation labor, installation hardware, lamps, are not included. Do not be surprised if the cost of Mor-Lite's lighting equipment is higher than the cost of cheap, bid-grade lighting equipment. We have found that low-end lighting will not hold up well in plant operations and will require premature replacement and repair.

What about dust and lint on the reflectors?
In plants with efficient air cleaning systems, reflector maintenance requirements are reduced or avoided entirely. In plants that produce a lot of lint and dust, air-borne particulate may accumulate on the reflector surface. In these plants, any light fixture, including Mor-Lite's, may require periodic maintenance.

In long-term testing by Mor-Lite and several of its customers, light reductions of up to 15 percent have been experienced in worst-case examples. In these plants it has become common practice to wipe off the reflectors during lamp change-out (which, with T8 fluorescent lamps, takes place every three to four years). Lamp change-out usually takes three to four minutes per fixture. An additional minute or two may be required to wipe off the reflector. Replacing worn out lamps and cleaning the reflectors will restore original light levels.

Potential maintenance should be viewed in terms of the overall economic benefit. Savings in electrical load from one Mor-Lite single-lamp, high output T8 fixture, compared to a conventional two-lamp, high output T12 fixture, amounts to 144 watts. Operating cost savings can be calculated at 144 watts X 8,600 hours per year X 4 cents per kWh = $49.54 saved per year X 3 years = $148.62. Most Mor-Lite customers consider a savings of $148.62 well worth taking an extra minute or two to wipe off the reflector during lamp change-out every three or four years.

New Tuff-LiteTM enclosed, dust proof fixture — For installations with high air-borne particulate, overhead obstructions, or for installations where the light source must be located close to the process, Mor-Lite has designed, developed and patented a series of Tuff-LiteTM enclosed, dust-proof fixtures with high-powered reflectors inside. Light levels, energy savings, appearance and overall performance are exceptional. The issue of dust and lint is eliminated because the reflector is housed within the dust-proof enclosure.

How do I know if this lighting will work in my plant?
The best way is to call our office and let us know what kind of machinery your plant has and what processes are included.

We have designed over 600 lighting layouts and we can give you a pretty good idea in a relatively brief conversation.

Over the years, most of our customers have started with a limited demonstration installation, just to be sure. We ask that you pay for the cost of the demonstration, but with the understanding that Mor-Lite will refund your money if, for any reason, you decide not to use our lighting.

What is Mor-Lite's technology?
Mor-Lite specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of energy-efficient lighting. We start with the latest proved fluorescent technology — brighter T8 fluorescent lamps and energy-efficient electronic ballasts. Then we deliver the light where it is needed with our custom designed, high-powered specular reflectors.

The reflector is the key. We computer-design and fabricate each reflector to close tolerances in order to deliver the light to the targeted area five, ten, twenty, sometimes thirty feet away. Each reflector is custom designed for the application, whether it's opening, carding, spinning, drawing, weaving, any and all production departments . . . even warehousing. Our lighting technology is based on real-world experience, and hundreds of conversations about lighting with managers, supervisors, machine suppliers and machine operators.

Our lighting can be found in over 250 textile plants in the United States — from Maine to Texas to California — and also in Canada, Mexico, Central America, and several South American countries.

The traditional way of lighting plants was fine years ago when the cost of electric power was a small fraction of what it is today, and before the industry became as competitive as it is today. The old way was simply to illuminate the room and install the machinery. Now we identify where you need the light and design a system that will deliver it.

What kind of materials do you use?
Open fixtures are deep-channel, industrial grade, tandem-wired, with in-line lamps and electronic ballasts. Unlike most fixtures, these are painted before and after the tagging and corrosion. The quality of these fixtures is exceptional. They cost a little more to manufacture, but they are more than worth it. They are UL approved for damp locations. These fixtures look new and straight long after cheap fixtures look shabby.

Mor-Lite's Tuff-LiteTM enclosed fixtures feature captive end caps for structural rigidity, acrylic lens with anti-cracking compound, and galvanized finish to prevent corrosion. Fixtures can be custom painted to customer's specifications. These are industrial-grade, rugged fixtures, suitable for high-vibration, high-dust areas. All components are UL approved.

Mor-Lite “Straight and True” fixture alignment connectors insure straight fixture rows. These channel connectors are precision fabricated by us to eliminate the need for fixture alignment channels — saving weight, time and money. Quality fixtures + custom connectors + quality installation hardware = straight and true fixture rows now and for years to come.

Lampholders are heavy-duty plunger or cam-lock type, never the tombstone type commonly found in office and commercial fixtures. Philips, GE, or Osram-Sylvania lamps are used. Either F32T8 or F96T8HO, depending on the application.

Ballasts are Advance, Magnetek, Howard or Osram-Sylvania. All ballasts are low harmonic electronic with five year material and labor warrantee. High power factor ballasts are used in some applications.

Reflectors are custom-designed for each application. The reflective material is the best available on the world market. These are not roll-formed, off-the-shelf reflectors. Reflector edges feature Mor-Lite's patented “textile edge” to deflect lint and dust and avoid tagging. Using the best available reflective material, custom designed for each specific application, results in 25-75 percent more light than ordinary reflectors.

Mor-Lite's choice of installation hardware is based on years of experience. Fixtures are installed with all-thread rod covered with polyethylene tubing to avoid tagging. Rod is installed directly into the top of each fixture. This procedure eliminates the need for tong hangers and results in stronger, more rigid installation. Vibration dampers are installed if necessary.

Lighting layout design and CADD reflector design is included in each project.

How much light do I need?
The amount of light needed varies widely depending on cost of electricity, type of yarn and cloth being produced and quality control issues. Textbook lighting standards are just the starting point.

Our designers have had hundreds of conversations with machine operators, machine suppliers, plant managers and plant maintenance and engineering personnel. We will be glad to share our knowledge with you and jointly develop an overall lighting scheme.

Otherwise, a lot depends on corporate philosophy about lighting. Some of our customers want a plant that looks bright and cheerful, including aisle and wall lighting, disregarding the cost. Others want only the bare minimum for machine operation and safety, with little regard for aesthetics. Most of our projects fall somewhere in between.

Why do the reflectors have to be custom designed?
To maximize performance and to maximize your lighting investment. You are paying for light. And it should be delivered to where your machine operators need it most.

By custom designing each reflector for the application, Mor-Lite is able to deliver far more light to the targeted area of the production machine, for less operating cost. Off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all reflectors come up short. The following is a comparison based on an actual side-by-side comparison of an open end spinning mill:

Custom designed for each application
Computer designed to precisely direct the light
Individually manufactured by digital break press
Patented electro-polished
95% total reflectivity
90% specular reflectivity
One design
Roll formed
Machine polished
75% total reflectivity
Less than 50% specular reflectivity

Split reflector design
Offset reflector design
45 fc
60 fc
20 fc
33 fc

What are payment and freight terms?
For domestic projects:
Net 30 plus freight
Mor-Lite pays freight for orders over U.S. $3,000.00
Materials invoiced when goods are delivered to the job site
Installation labor invoiced upon completion of each job phase

For international projects:
Mor-Lite pays shipping to U.S. based forwarder on orders over $3,000.00

Does Mor-Lite install?
Yes. Mor-Lite offers installation services using our own trained lighting technicians. Our installers have had years of experience installing energy-efficient plant lighting (our Installation Manager has personally installed over 25,000 fixtures over a ten year period).

Many of our installations take place while the plant is running in order to avoid production interruptions. All of our installation work takes place under the direction of a designated electrical contractor and plant engineering personnel.

For projects outside the Southeastern United States, and for International projects, we will be glad to share our know-how with our customer's plant personnel or local installer. We can provide complete installation directions along with an instructional training video. Just to make sure, we often send one of our experienced installers to work side-by-side with local installers to make sure the project gets off to a good start.

Whoever does the installation, our objective is the same — to obtain cost effective, professional looking results that will withstand the test of time.

What is Mor-Lite's corporate philosophy?
In every decision, large and small, day in and day out, we are guided by the principle of doing what is in the best interest of our customers.

We are intensely committed to the quality of our products and design services, the continuing research and advancement of our technology, and to the ethical standards of our behavior.

Our focus is on being the best there is at what we do, and improving on that.